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Blogging: Select Higher Ed Blogs

I'm Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian @ Eastern Connecticut State University. This blog is part of my blogging presentations.

Scholar/Student/Course Blogs

Alex Halavais, a thaumaturgical compendium
Alex Halavais, Assistant Professor of Communication, and the Graduate Director of Informatics, University at Buffalo.

The Archinect School Blog Project
A career-oriented blog, focusing on architecture programs around the world, during the Fall 2004 semester.

learning technologies in Higher Education
"The e-learning team have been using a private collaborative Weblog (blog) for a couple of years as a mechanism for communicating interesting information or problems and resolutions amongst the team. This blog, however, is an experimental public blog which will offer short articles, reflections, observations, or references on what we've found interesting, useful, challenging, and sometimes frustrating in the e-learning world. You'll be able to comment on the articles. If our blog proves useful as a resource we will invest more of our time in sorting out the look and feel. Auricle is edited by Derek Morrison, Director of the e-learning@Bath team, University of Bath.

Austro-Athenian Empire
Roderick T. Long, Department of Philosophy, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.

Bee - coming a Webhead
Comments/ Links/Ideas on Blogging and Learning Online
award-winning blog.

Barbara Ganley, Lecturer in Writing, Middlebury College, blogs about her experiences as a writing instructor using technology. Links to her current class weblogs:
Creative Writing
Writing Workshop

See also:

Blawg-LawBlogs/Law Students
A series of links to students at law schools around the country.

Blogging Across the Curriculum
Pattie Belle Hastings, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Interactive Digital Design Department, Quinnipiac University (CT). A course resource for the Interactive Digital Design Program, this site uses blogs as a substitute for traditional paper journals.

Bruce Landon's Weblog for Students (Psychology)

Career Diaries.com
This site links to a variety of student blogs in the area of healthcare, providing information for those interested in day-to-day activities of healthcare students/professionals in training.

Clay Shirky's Writings About the Internet
Economics & Culture, Media & Community
Shirky, adjunct professor in NYU's graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), teaches courses on the interrelated effects of social and technological network topology -- how our networks shape culture and vice-versa.

CogDogBlog (CDB)
Alan Levine's "fenced-in area to bark about instructional technology projects at the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction (mcli), at the Maricopa Community Colleges, Arizona."

Creating an Intellectual Property Weblog
UC Berkeley Journalism / Program / New Media / Weblogs / Fall 2002
Final Class Project:
The bIPlog
"Weblogs are a new form of online publishing that have rapidly become a popular way of getting news and information on particular topics. Some are run by journalists, while others operate in competition with journalists. In this class students will create a Weblog to explore the subject of 'intellectual property' - copyright issues, the battle over free music downloads and peer-to-peer networks, deep linking to Web sites, etc. News sources will be scanned each day for items of interest to the IP community, the top stories will be selected, and precise summaries of each story will be written, with a unique perspective and voice. Students will also write original stories for the Weblog. The resulting Weblog column will be posted to the school's Web site and possibly to an email list of interested subscribers. We'll also be bringing in experts in the Bay Area on intellectual property and copyright issues, and may ask some of them to become contributors to the Weblog."

John Battelle is a teaching fellow at the Graduate School of Journalism, one of the co-founders of Wired magazine and former CEO of The Industry Standard; Paul Grabowicz is Director of the New Media Program at the Graduate School of Journalism, a columnist for the Online Journalism Review, co-author of California Inc., and a contributor to E-Media Tidbits: A Group Weblog; Scot Hacker is the Webmaster at the Graduate School of Journalism and has a Weblog at the O'Reilly Network.

Crooked Timber
award-winning collaborative blog.

Early Modern Notes
news, views and information for early modernists and anyone interested in history from Sharon Howard, University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

easily distracted
a jackdaw perspective on culture, politics, academia and other shiny objects from timothy burke, swarthmore college

Education Student Journals
Education students at Westminister College, Salt Lake City, UT.

learning, networks, knowledge, technology, community from George Siemens, Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

What Michael Feldstein is Learning About Online Learning...Online
Feldstein is Assistant Director for CourseSpace at the SUNY Learning Network.

Terry Elliott, Western Kentucky University. "This is a freshman writing class using weblogs as an important tool for composition and publishing. We meet three times a week, but anytime online. Welcome to the ongoing experiment that all learning is, be it online or face-to- face."

"Greplaw is a production of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is a research program founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development. Greplaw's goal is to create a frequently updated, highly interactive forum for the dissemination and discussion of legal news concerning information technology. We aim to bring together the top legal minds in the field and the technology-oriented individuals and organizations whose activities are the subject of IT law....Greplaw is run by Berkman Center students, staff, and affiliates."

The HUMlab Blog
Department of Humanistic Informatics, University of Bergen
"The HUMlab Blog was launched about two weeks ago and while there are still some technical glitches things are coming along. It is a new experience, of course, managing an institutional blog. It will take some time to find out how to do this. Based on our experiences so far I thought I would try to reflect on our blog and blogging."

A [collaborative] Weblog for Discussing Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy.

Weblogs for the students of Dr. Gerald Lucas.

elizabeth lane lawley, associate professor, information technology • director, lab for social computing • rochester institute of technology.

A group weblog on social software.

Mathemagenic...giving birth to learning...
award-winning blog by Lilia Efimova, Telematica Instituut, Netherlands.

music 1 - introduction to music
dan mitchell, music department, creative arts division, de anza college. "This web site contains resources and information for Music 1: Introduction to Music classes taught by Dan Mitchell. Students enrolled in these classes are required to use the site for access to course resources and assignments. Internet labs are available on campus for students who do not have outside Internet access."

Ocotillo Online Learning Group
This site provides ideas about how blogs are being used at Phoenix College of the Maricopa Community Colleges (AZ) while linking to various course blogs. Check out the Anthropology links and, to a lesser extent, the Chemistry posting.

OLDaily (Online Learning Daily)
Stephen Downes, Institute for Information Technology's e-Learning Research Group, has become a leading voice in the areas of learning objects and metadata, as well as the emerging fields of weblogs in education and content syndication.

award-winning blog by Paul Z. Myers, a member of the biology discipline, Division of Science and Mathematics, University of Minnesota, Morris.

Professional-Lurker: Comments by an academic in cyberspace
Lois Ann Scheidt, Doctoral Student, Indiana University, Bloomington.

Ray's News Blogs
"We are confronted with the challenge of keeping up with the changing technologies, issues and related developments in education, distance education, and online learning. For years, I have scanned the news daily for items of relevance in the field of new communication technologies, educational technologies, and online learning. I have used these to keep my technologies seminars and classes up-to-date and fresh for my students. It seemed most efficient to share these news items with a broader group of colleagues, students and other academics who also may be interested in following the developments in this field. Therefore, I created three web logs: Online Learning Update, Education Technology, and Techno-News to deliver and archive brief summaries and hyperlinks of interest to those who share my enthusiasm and keen interest in this field."

Re:act: Nuffield Advanced Chemistry
Use of blogs in advanced chemistry classes.

Resources for teaching and learning web development, web standards, web programming.

Rhetoric and Democracy
"Welcome to the discussion and announcement site for Dr. Chuck Tryon's English 1101 courses at Georgia Tech. Class discussion will focus on the langauge and images used in political campaigns, focusing primarily on the 2004 presidential election. Visitors are welcome to leave comments and participate in the discussion."

Seb's Open Research
Pointers and thoughts on the evolution of knowledge sharing and social software, collected by Sébastien Paquet, Research Officer with the National Research Council of Canada.

Weblogs, CMS, and personal Webpublishing for learning and education :: blogged by Sebastian Fiedler, Media Pedagogy, University of Augsburg, Germany.

Stacey's College Writing II Course Management Blog
Stacey Steinkopf's Weblog for Her Students, Bemidji State University.

Teaching With A Weblog: How To Post Student Work Online
Submitted to Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, May 14, 2002. Presented at the Nashville, 2002 conference (April 12, 2002). Timothy C. Johnston, College of Business and Public Affairs, The University of Tennessee at Martin.

ABSTRACT: "Using a weblog (blog) as a class web page has the following features:

(1) A simple, easy-to-use, free web-based editor and free web page host server can be used, so no PC-based software programs (HTML editor or FTP) and no server accounts are needed, (2) students require minimal training to begin independently publishing work to the blog, and (3) the instructor’s workload to maintain the class web page is distributed to the blogger software and to the students. These features enable students to share their work with each other online, and make it available from and to any computer that is connected to the Internet. This paper explains how to use a blog for teaching:

(1) The reasons for putting student work online are discussed,
(2) the steps needed to initiate and manage a blog are described, and
(3) the advantages of a blog as compared with the traditional method of creating web pages are presented."

Think Thunk
Computing, academia, and academic computing.

Weblogs for Use with ESL Classes
Aaron Patric Campbell, Ryukoku University, Seta, Japan.

Additional University Blogs

Albion College Student Senate Blog
"As described in Proposal #1 for the 2004-2005 Academic Year, Albion College Student Senate has officially launched a blog. This blog will serve to keep the student body up-to-date and informed with the latest and greatest Student Senate business, news, and activities! With the ability to be updated daily, the student body will be able to get their news from Senate almost as soon as it happens. For this reason be sure to check back often for the frequent exciting updates that come out of your Albion College Student Senate!"

annieBLOG: Musings from UW-Madison's CEO
"It's a new year and I am committed to trying at least one new (to me) technology to start the year - and that technology is a blog. I wanted to be able to communicate more broadly with the larger campus IT community and others on campus who want to hear from me. The great thing about the blog is that you can choose to look at it or choose not to bother."

The Blogging Dean
E. Frances White is the Dean of the Gallatin School. She has been awarded fellowships from the Danforth Foundation, the Mellow Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, among others. She has also been a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar in Sierra Leone and The Gambia. Before coming to Gallatin, she taught at Fourah Bay College of the University of Sierra Leone and at Hampshire College. Her awards include the Catherine T. and John D. MacArthur Chair in History, 1985-1988) and the Letitia Brown Memorial Publication Prize for the best book on black women (1987). Dean White’s teaching and research interests include: history of Africa and its diaspora; history of gender and sexuality; critical race theory. Her books include Sierra Leone’s Settler Women Traders; Women in Sub-Saharan Africa; and Dark Continent of Our Bodies.

berkeley intellectual property weblog
"The bIPlog was produced by a class at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism that brought together students from journalism, law, computer science and information management and systems to create a Weblog on intellectual property issues."

dr. hardwick's blog
James Hardwick, Vice President for Student Life, Carroll College, blogs on myriad issues of campus life, especially those related to living with others.

(shameless plug) IL and the GER
Research, plus sample tutorials and initiatives from other universities, on how Information Literacy (IL) can be integrated into the General Education Requirements (GER), compiled by Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian, Eastern Connecticut State University.

MBA Admissions Blog!
"This is an MBA Admissions Blog that will cover issues relevant to MBA applicants as they prepare to apply to business schools. It is managed by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania."

Student Committee on the Middle East
"Student Committee on the Middle East is a student academic group devoted to promoting dialogue on campus about political issues of contemporary relevance in the Middle East. SCME brings together academic speakers, political leaders, and policy experts to discuss issues related to United States foreign policy concerns in the Middle East, including the war on terror, the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, rebuilding efforts after the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and diplomatic challenges between the United States and nations in the region."